Soup Campbell

Executive Director, Eikon Ministries

While attending the University of Memphis on an athletic scholarship, Soup was invited to a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) event, and December 5, 1981, he surrendered his heart and life to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. That day, his life was radically changed. Upon completing his eligibility at the college formerly known as “Memphis State”, Soup began to work with FCA in the inner city schools of Memphis, TN. After working for several years with different ministries, including FCA, Youth for Christ, Neighborhood Housing Opportunity, as well as pastoring a church for 7 years, Soup felt the need to start a leadership and discipling ministry for kids in the inner city. In 1997, he established Eikon Ministries. Soup currently serves as Executive Director of Eikon Ministries, and has 11 staff members on his team. Soup met the beautiful Linda in 1982 at Memphis State, and 2 years later they were married. Presently they reside in the Binghampton community, in the inner city of Memphis. Soup and Linda have four children: Antonio, LaSaundra, Jonathan, and Tabitha, as well as their daughter-in-law Janis, and 3 grandkids, Kezia, Keundra, and CaMaih.