Betsy Killins

Emerging Leader Women’s Director & Women’s Global Coordinator

Betsy Killins serves as Downline’s Women’s Global Coordinator. Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Betsy has a deep love for Latins and other cultures. She first came to live in the U.S. to study at Emmaus Bible College in Iowa where she received her bachelor of arts in biblical and intercultural studies. Since then, she has worked with the immigrant and international student community, both in a ministry capacity and as a certified medical interpreter serving Spanish-speaking population in hospitals.

Betsy’s passion for discipleship was birthed in high school. As she continued to engage with people in their pain, brokenness, victories, and joys on their journeys to know Christ, she desired to understand human growth and processes to better disciple and apply the Word of God to their pain. This led her to Columbia International University in Columbia, S.C., to get her Master of Arts degree with an emphasis in both Pastoral Counseling and Intercultural Studies.

Betsy has had the privilege to travel to, serve and learn in many different countries and capacities throughout Latin America, Europe and Africa. At Downline, she will be helping with training and leading teams that go serve overseas, helping to develop more international partnerships to serve and train disciple-makers, as well as mentoring the Institute women who have an interest in serving the Lord overseas. She is excited to see how her worlds, experience, and passions converge here at Downline where she gets to disciple and engage the nations for God’s glory as her full-time job. Along with her obvious love for travel, culture and meeting people from around the world, Betsy loves kayaking, international music and cuisine (both cooking and eating), the national Colombian soccer team, climbing trees and mountains, exploring, camping, worshiping and reading.