Chid Dodd

Founder, Sage Hill Institute

Chip Dodd, PhD, is a teacher, trainer, author, and counselor, who has been working in the field of recovery and redemption for over 26 years. It is the territory in which people can return to living the way we are created to live–where we can move from survival to living, from isolation to loving, and from controlling to leading. After receiving his PhD in counseling from the University of North Texas, he founded a treatment center, The Center for Professional Excellence (CPE) in Nashville; a multidisciplinary treatment center for licensed professionals with addiction, depression, burnout, anxiety, and other behavioral problems. 

Chip founded Sage Hill: A Social Impact Organization with the mission to use the Spiritual Root System™ to help people be who they are made to be, so they can do what they are made to do. 

Chip is the author of The Voice of the Heart, The Perfect Loss, and his latest books Live Fully, Love Deeply, and Lead Well.